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birthday reflection

Just celebrated my 42nd birthday!  Wow, how did I get here so fast?  The good news is that I am so much more happy and confident in who I am in the Lord, now, than when I was at twenty.  I can honestly say I wouldn't want to go back.  I have such a holy expectancy about the days to come.  It's not because I think the days will be easy.  They won't be.  I just know that when the darkest times are upon us, God's amazing strength and grace shine their brightest.  Greater is He who dwells inside me than he who is reeking havoc on this planet!   I will purpose in my heart to trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not to my own understanding.  In all my ways I will acknowledge  Him and he will direct my path.

new year

It's nice to have the holidays behind us!  I have put away my decorations and have my eyes on the year ahead.  Corey will be getting married in June.  Anthony is about to ask his young lady to marry him.  My family is still growing and I'm not even pregnant!LOL  I am pressing into the word of God...looking for buried treasure.


We had a great devotional time this morning.  Some mornings it feels like all out war to get the kids up and awake enough to hear the bible and pray before Roy has to leave for work.  This morning I got up even earlier and prayed for a spirit of peace to fill our home.  I could really tell a difference.  Shows me that I have probably been doing devotionals in my own strength and not relying on the Holy Spirit who IS PEACE!  In the evenings we are reading ONE WINTERY NIGHT.  It is a great Christmas book full of beautiful pictures.  If we read every night we should finish Christmas Eve night.  I bought a Casting Crowns Christmas worship CD.  It's playing right now.  One song in particular touched me.  I'm not sure what it's called but the line that stood asked the question, "If Jesus returned tonight would he find a room in our hearts?"  I want to be able to say YES to this question.  He died for me, now I want to LIVE FOR HIM!



Christmas is just a week away!  I have so much to do to be ready.  I really want to be careful of being so busy that I forget the real reason for the season.  It still blows my mind that God, in His mercy, sent his son to save us.  One of my New Year resolutions this year is to ponder and study what this means in a practical sense.  I am asking Jesus to give me a way to share His truth in a way that will reach the hearts of everyday people.  I'll share more on this later.  Still praying for finances.  I have two stories that I haven't been paid on yet.  Getting paid before Christmas would help a lot!     Looking forward to a visit from my 2nd son, Corey, and his beautiful fiance, Catherine.  We will do an early Christmas with them on the 22nd.  Anthony, my first son, was home for Thanksgiving with his fiance, Kristina.  Kristina and Catherine are both such lovely young women, inside and out!  I consider them precious gifts and am so glad that my sons have chosen well!  I miss when the boys were home for EVERY holiday.  Things change as they get older.  Just think, it won't be long before we have grand babies at Christmas time.

waiting room

Had to take Honor to the doctor.  He's still having some after effects from the bronchitis.  I got to have a great talk with a young mom named Ann in the waiting room.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  I love the fact that we can be total strangers and come from two different worlds and still find common ground in our humanity.  I love this even more if I get the chance to share my faith or find that we already share this eternal bond.  True got to be the big helper today.  He was a great blessing in keeping Honor happy in the waiting room.  Got to take Troy to play practice, guess that means no nap for mommy.  Bummer.

Times Are Changing

I just took the kids to see their little friend in a Christmas play at her elementary school.  Strange how the sounds and smells of school never change.  Lunchroom aroma, constant chatter coming from classrooms, the smell of playground mixed with kid.  It took me right back to being eight years old.  There was something different though.  It hit me when the children in the play began to sing about the "HOLIDAY" tree.  Not Christmas tree.  It was all "Happy Holidays" and "Winter is coming".   Where was the Christmas story?   I actually remember playing Mary in the Nativity story at my public school when I was in third grade.  (Even then I was destined to be a mommy!)  There was no 'Silent Night' or 'Away In The Manger'  there wasn't even Merry Christmas!   Even Santa has come under fire in the past few years.  SANTA???  give me a break!  I want to fight back.  I want to grab hold of tradition and somehow by the grace of God preserve it for my little ones. 



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