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happymomof10's Journal

17 January
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I'm a Jesus lover. I'm a christian freelance writer. I've been married for twenty-plus years and can honestly say that Roy, my hunky husband, is the most amazing man on the planet. We have ten cool kids that I feel honored to homeschool, seven boys and three girls. Anthony 24, Corey 22, Troy 16, Jordy 13, Ty 11, True 9, Trinity 8, Maranatha 5, Honor 2, Ada 8 months. I feel challenged by what it means to be a fruitful,intentional,loving citizen in the Kingdom of God. The downside of this is letting the Lord expose all the ways that I am NOT a fruitful, intentional, loving, citizen in the kingdom of God. Yikes! I love chocolate, diet mt.dew, and make a mean white chicken chili.